Feel confident with a second healthcare opinion

Making health decisions can be overwhelming. A second opinion, at no cost to you or your eligible dependents, from leading medical experts can help clear the fog.

Choose the care that’s right for you

Your Boeing health benefits give you access to leading specialists at no cost to you or your eligible dependents. A second opinion gives you the chance to have an existing diagnosis or treatment plan reviewed by one of our expert medical providers. The Transgender and Intersex Medical Advocacy Program (TIMAP) is available to help you and your family navigate the healthcare system.

Get an Expert Medical Opinion when you or your eligible dependents:

  • Want to double-check a diagnosis
  • Need to decide on a treatment plan
  • Would like expert guidance about a surgery

Partner with a TIMAP physician and patient navigator when you or your eligible dependents:

  • Want to speak with a dedicated gender-affirming physician who understands the nuances of gender care and can assist with embodiment goals
  • Need answers to questions and help to coordinate care across doctors
  • Would like help to understand a medical or psychiatric diagnosis, treatment options and guidance on how to navigate barriers to recovery and preventive healthcare
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How we can help

Our team of medical experts has experience in over 450 specialties and counting. Some of the most common conditions we help with include:

  • Cancer
  • Bariatric concerns
  • Cardiac health
  • Muscluloskeletal disordeers
  • Circulatory issues
  • And more

Did you know?


of members avoid unnecessary surgery


of cases lead to a modified diagnosis


of members recieve modified treatment plan

Teladoc Health® data, December 2022

Move forward with 3 simple steps

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Start your case

by phone, online or on the Teladoc Health app

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Get expert guidance

We’ll start your review with a phone call from a member of our expert care team, who’ll coordinate your case.

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Feel confident in the steps ahead

with a clear diagnosis and/or treatment plan that’s right for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Eligibility includes Boeing employees, and their covered dependents, enrolled in a Boeing-sponsored health plan. Retirees, not covered by Medicare, and their covered dependents, enrolled in a Boeing-sponsored health plan are also eligible. Employees of Boeing subsidiaries that sponsor their own health plans and international, locally hired employees, are not eligible.

The Transgender and Intersex Medical Advocacy Program by Teladoc Health is available to help you and your family navigate the healthcare system. Teladoc Health physicians recognize the barriers to care facing the transgender and gender-diverse communities. These include harassment in the medical setting, care refusal, insurance coverage denialsand a shortage of experienced providers. Teladoc Health is here to help reframe your healthcare experience. Everyone deserves comfort, security and dignity. The Teladoc Health TIMAP team helps transgender and gender-diverse patients best express their true gender identity and move forward in life with confidence.

It’s healthy to get a second opinion.

We think your doctor would agree.

These services are offered at no cost to eligible employees, retirees and dependents.