Expansive clinical services—anytime, anywhere

What We Do

Teladoc Health offers the only comprehensive virtual care solution capable of serving organizations and people anywhere. Our services span the spectrum of healthcare needs, from simple to complex. We seamlessly connect general medical, mental health, and complex care to deliver convenience, outcomes, and value.

Scalable, Secure Platform

As the global leader in virtual care, we have invested in technology and staffing to support in-house end-to-end operations in locations around the world.

Asset 14 Over 9,000 visits supported on our busiest day
Asset 13 24/7/365 in-house operations

Medical Quality

With an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality care, we deploy stringent virtual care protocols and clinical quality assurance programs.

Asset 15 More than 50,000 expert specialists
Asset 11 100+ virtual care clinical practice guidelines

Unique Engagement Engine

Our award-winning member experience and analytics-driven engagement services deliver industry-leading utilization and satisfaction, accelerating the adoption of virtual care.

Asset 12 3x higher registration rates with surround-sound marketing
Asset 7 4x utilization over industry average

Integrated Virtual Care

With dozens of clinical services delivered through an integrated platform, we provide a full spectrum of virtual care capabilities. Teladoc Health serves as a convenient “front door” that connects members to the healthcare they need—from on-demand visits with a licensed doctors to complex case consultations with the world’s top specialists.


For convenient access to high-quality healthcare, millions of people around the world have connected with Teladoc Health. Members can resolve healthcare needs through on-demand or scheduled visits with licensed doctors spanning multiple specialties. After a visit, 92 percent of patients reported resolution, demonstrating convenience, outcomes, and value for members and plan sponsors alike.

Mental Health Services

Around the world, people need greater access to high-quality mental healthcare. Our mental health services range from ongoing visits with a mental healthcare specialist to expert medical opinions for complex cases. With more than 33 million sessions completed by our licensed therapists, psychologists, and counselors, Teladoc Health has helped people receive guidance, support, and relief.

Expert Medical Services

When members face complex medical needs, our expert medical services help them make confident decisions. Expert specialists, matched to the unique needs of each case, review medical records, pathologies, and test results to confirm the accuracy of diagnoses and treatment plans. Insurers and employers gain confidence that members are on the right path to better health outcomes and lower costs.

Guidance and Support

Finding a doctor, gathering medical records, managing health risks, and maintaining wellness are common challenges around the world. Our virtual healthcare services enable members to access a wide range of expertise and gain essential guidance to better navigate and resolve their healthcare needs.

Platform and Program Services

With an end-to-end licensable virtual care platform and operational support services, Teladoc Health helps organizations deliver care conveniently and securely, empowering them to grow their business and brands with unmatched quality and scale.