Chronic care for employers

Multicondition solutions deliver guaranteed value for employees living with diabetes, hypertension or other conditions.

High-value outcomes

High-value outcomes

See the impact of sustained behavior change, including guaranteed clinical outcomes and a lower total medical spend

Powerful engagement

Powerful engagement

Drive utilization, engagement and higher Net Promoter Scores with a single app and a personalized experience people love

Differentiated benefits

Differentiated benefits

Attract and retain talent with programs that include connected devices, clinician oversight and convenient home delivery programs

Innovation plus experience

Innovation plus experience

Partner with an established leader in chronic care to help you realize your cost and care goals — reliably and at scale

The power of integrated chronic condition management

5 mmHg
average additional decrease in systolic blood pressure among people in multiple programs beyond achievements in a standalone program*
additional per-participant, per-month savings beyond standalone diabetes management program savings*
higher engagement for people enrolled in multiple programs*
0.6% A1c
average additional decrease among people in multiple programs beyond achievements in a standalone program*
What our clients are saying

When people have multiple chronic conditions, issues in behavioral health can arise. When we looked at hypertension and diabetes in relation to the Teladoc Health Chronic Condition Management programs, they encompass every part of a person's overall health and wellness; that's what I was really excited to implement.

April Bettencourt

Senior Director

Global Employee Benefits, VSP

As DTE works to become a best-in-class health and well-being-supportive employer, adding a solution to address chronic conditions was a must. Teladoc Health made the decision easy by offering solutions that address the whole person.

Michael Cooper

Director of Compensation

Benefits and Wellness at DTE Energy

We believe that everyone deserves quality access to care because if there's no access, there's no change. We've been happy with the wide availability and efficient, personalized care that Teladoc Health provides to all our employees. The positive results speak for themselves.

Jessy Rosales

VP of North America

Total Rewards, SAP

Multicondition management from a single app

4.8 out of 5 stars

Chronic conditions don't exist in isolation. A single app to manage them all, along with a full suite of virtual care services, adds up to a truly whole-person experience.

Minimize the complexity of chronic condition management
Insights from our 20+ years of experience

*Teladoc Health data