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Global Expert Panel

For our expert medical services, we engage some of the world’s most recognized experts in their fields to deliver insights about diagnosis, further evaluation, and treatment for our members with conditions that span the spectrum of medical and surgical disease. Our clinical staff synthesizes primary data – pathology, imaging, and records – utilizing active intelligence and experience to enable our experts to help our members realize better health outcomes. Although the work is virtual, the human impact is real.

Case Synopsis

Tingly Sensation with Time to Resolve

The Case: Pamela felt a “tingly” feeling down her back out of the blue. After visiting a neurologist and several tests, she was diagnosed with MS and recommended to start on medication promptly involving steroids and strong medication.

Resolution: Pamela reached out to an expert who confirmed her diagnosis but provided recommendations for different medications and a less invasive routine to mitigate the pain.

Case Synopsis

Biopsy Redone, Life Saved

The Case: Stephen was told he had a non aggressive, low-grade cancer after several tests and a biopsy. His urologist and oncologist couldn’t agree and Stephen was left to decide for himself and feeling overwhelmed.

Resolution: Our experts collected his records and re-did his pathology and discovered the biopsy results had been read incorrectly. He had a highly aggressive, high risk cancer. Our expert provided two treatment recommendations and together guided him down the right path.

Case Synopsis

Breaking the Cycle of Recurrent Pneumonia

The Case: Mr. K was in his early 70s with a history of hypertension and obesity. He developed pneumonia that continued despite continued testing and treatment.

Resolution: Our expert team assessed the case and diagnosed sarcoidosis, an autoimmune condition and halted further invasive testing. His treating doctors agreed and stopping the “runaway train” of misdiagnosis.

Case Synopsis

Halting the Runway Train of Misdiagnosis

The Case: A 55-60 year old woman with a prior history of breast cancer was found to have enlarged lymph nodes and lung nodules. An endobronchial needle biopsy did not show cancer, but her treating team planned an open lung biopsy to look further for cancer.

Resolution: Our care team reviewed the test results and explained that low esophageal tone was leading to severe reflux and aspiration pneumonia and existing treatment was doing more harm than good. New treatment was recommended including a weight loss plan.

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