COVID-19 Impact on Mental Health

Virtual care has moved to center stage during the COVID-19 pandemic and is helping more people than ever to access high-quality care from the comfort of home. This infographic highlights findings from our latest research study on mental health and...



    Employers turn to virtual care to help employees cope during pandemic

    Dr. Gustavo Kinrys discusses the impact of COVID-19 on employees and the steps employers can take to help employees get the mental health support they need.

    Case Study

    Virtual care is becoming the new normal for Medicare and Medicaid

    In 2018, the regional health plan, Health New England, extended virtual care services to its Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid populations. Little did the leadership team know at the time that virtual care was about to become a vital healthcare…


    Helping employees get guidance and support to resume care deferred by COVID-19

    Dr. Heather Towery discusses how employers can support employees who have had to defer care due to COVID-19.


    Harnessing the rapid adoption of virtual care

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer awareness has taken an irreversible leap forward and an unprecedented number of people are turning to virtual care to resolve healthcare needs from home. In this webinar we discuss the ways in which virtual care…


    Helping employees get guidance and support to resume COVID-19 deferred care

    Dr. Heather Towery discusses how to support employees who have postponed care or elective surgeries due to COVID-19 with virtual care.


    Teladoc Health Return to Work Webinar

    Teladoc Health's Dr. Tim Foggin and Dr. Bridget McCabe share insights about Teladoc Health’s article "Virtual care plays a role in return to work plans".

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