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A new era in mental health care delivery

Industry expert Dr. Julia Hoffman, our VP of behavioral health strategy, explores new consumer perspectives on mental health care throughout the pandemic and beyond.

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Supporting the mental healthcare journey

Our new mental health study found that more than half of people with mental health concerns say they don’t even know where to start when getting care. Read press release

61 percent

of respondents don’t know how to start getting care for their mental health concerns

69 percent

of respondents would find it overwhelming to use multiple virtual or digital resources to address mental health needs1

93 percent

of those who used mental health services reported at least some improvement during the pandemic

Our full spectrum of personalized, mental health services provides the easy, unified experience people want with the quality care they need.


How and why people access mental healthcare is changing

Our mental health professionals—like Dr. Desreen Dudley—are on the front lines of supporting our members.

Dr. Desreen Dudley

More than extending access to care—we're extending the right access
to the right care

We're building on our deep experience of delivering virtual mental healthcare to include evidence-based digital programs for self-guided care. The result—a full spectrum of personalized member support unlike any other on the market.

Our new, first-of-its-kind myStrength Complete program combines digital offerings with virtual visits to support people throughout their mental health journey. Get the overview

A study based on data from 1.6M members demonstrates per-visit savings from our virtual Mental Health services. See what we found


Now is the time to offer greater support to an even broader scope of people you serve. Here are some resources to get you started.

58 percent

of employers surveyed say it's important to offer mental health support to their employees.
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76 percent of our members with depression report improvement after the 3rd visit. Read the white paper


Create experiences that people value

Providing the people you serve with accessible, trustworthy mental health support for a wide range of acuity levels is critical to their overall health and well-being and the health of your business.

Here's how one of our members used virtual care to face his mental health challenges on his own terms.

Moving Past Mental Health Challenges

Organizations are making mental healthcare a priority.

Improving timely access to behavioral health professionals, with 61% of cases now seen within 30 minutes.

Virtual support for employees' physical and mental health saved $681K in claims in one year.

Extending access to rural communities yields millions in cost savings and an overwhelmingly positive member experience.

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1survey respondents who were mental health support seekers

It's time to rethink how we address mental health and the impact it has on the entire healthcare system. Shift your perspective