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Get unlimited strips, a smart meter, personalized tips and expert coaching — all paid for by your employer or health plan. Claim your benefit today.

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  • An advanced blood glucose meter ($200 value)

  • Unlimited strips and lancets right to your door

  • 24/7 real-time support for out-of-range readings

  • Personalized tips, action plans and coaching

Unlimited test strips and lancets, with no copays or out-of-pocket fees

When you need more strips and lancets, you simply tap the meter and re-order. In a few days, a new box of strips and lancets appears at your doorstep. It's that simple.

Smarter care, anytime, anywhere

Your meter automatically uploads your blood sugar readings to your secure account on the Teladoc Health app. It provides real-time tips and insights after every check. If you're reading is out of range, a Teladoc Health expert coach will reach out. Plus, you can always contact a coach directly from your meter for more guidance and support.

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Rob O.

The ease and simplicity of Livongo take so much off my plate. They know where I'm at with my supplies, and the meter reminds me to order. The fact that it doesn't cost anything is great.

Rob O.

Pamela L.

I really like knowing that someone knows when I'm having a low. I'm alone a lot. And I know that if I have a low, my phone will ring and I can talk to somebody.

Pamela L.

Thomas K.

Livongo gets you to a new level of thinking about your health instead of reacting to your health. They give you all the tools to be successful. It's kind of a no-brainer.

Thomas K.

Sharon G.

I like the feedback on the monitor. It lets me know if I'm in range or not. It's like having a personal assistant who doesn't bark at you.

Sharon G.

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