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How Teladoc Health works

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Set up your account in minutes

Most people download the app or get started online. You can also call 1-800-835-2362. Then, fill out a brief medical history like you would at a doctor’s office.

We connect you with the right medical care

Don’t wait weeks for an appointment. Our doctors, therapists and specialists can help you with the flu, infections, anxiety, stress and skin conditions and provide advice on serious medical conditions. No matter what you're facing, we’re available from wherever you are by phone, video or app.

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Get peace of mind

Whether it’s a prescription sent to the pharmacy of your choice, the guidance to move forward, or a review of your condition from a medical expert, we’re ready to help.

Services may vary based on health plan or employer. Please set up your account to see what services are available to you.

Still have questions?

The cost of a Teladoc Health visit varies, depending on the type of care you are requesting and your health plan design. General Medical visits can be as low as $0 per visit with insurance. Please set up your account, refer to your welcome letter or check with your benefits manager to see which services are available to you and how much they cost

Prices vary if you access Teladoc Health outside of your benefits plan or insurance coverage. General Medical visits are $89 per visit. To see the cost of an online Dermatology review, Mental Health visit, Nutrition visit or the Back and Joint program, please set up your account now.

Yes. With your consent, we can share any of your Teladoc Health visit results with your primary care physician, instantly.

Downloading the app is the easiest way to talk to the right healthcare professional. Watch this quick video to see how it works.

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