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Your health goals and challenges are unique, so your Teladoc Health program should be too. You'll get personalized insights on your readings and one-on-one support from expert coaches, all to help you take charge of your health.

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Here's what our members have to say
Peter R.

I would definitely recommend the Livongo program. The awareness that it keeps, the focus that it helps maintain and the convenience are really good. No question.

Peter R.

Lingan D.

If I didn't check my blood pressure, I wouldn't know if it's under control or not. Livongo has made me continually think about what I'm doing and how I can remain healthy. It also gives me the tools to make sure that I know what's working.

Lingan D.

Chantary T.

I read all the information I get in emails from Livongo. and by reading it, it stays in the forefront of my mind. It helps me to be more aware of my health.

Chantary T.

Candace A.

I was able to cut my blood pressure medications in half. My doctor loves the reports. I pull up my app on my phone, and he'll go through it.

Candace A.

The testimonials, opinions and statements reflect one member's personal experience with Teladoc Health. Results and experiences may vary from person to person and will be unique to each member. The testimonials are voluntarily provided and are not paid. The individual in the photo is not the member who provided this testimonial.

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