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Discover a whole new way to take care of your health — body and mind. Talk to a board-certified doctor of your choice, by phone or video. Primary360 is covered by many health plans and employers with no subscription or membership fees.

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Primary care, re-imagined

Primary360 is a unique way to manage your overall health — body and mind. With health devices provided at no cost to you*, and our mobile app, you have instant access to your health data along with advice from your primary care provider (PCP) and Care Team. We'll also help you create a personalized Care Plan that fits into your lifestyle and works for you all year long — because regularly checking in on your health is important.

What to expect with Primary360

Create your account in minutes and complete a brief health assessment. Then select a PCP who fits your needs, and schedule a visit at a day and time that works for you.


You'll receive a Welcome Kit in the mail, which includes a blood pressure monitor that you get to keep - at no cost to you*. A nurse from your Care Team will call you to help you take a reading and gather concerns you'd like to discuss with your PCP.


During your visit, you'll spend as much time as you need with your doctor in order to thoroughly review your medical information and health goals.

After your initial visit, your dedicated Care Team will help create your personalized Care Plan to help you reach new levels of health. Your plan may include virtual and in-person services like:
Lab and bloodwork orders
Referrals to in-person specialists
Mental health screenings
Routine cancer screening orders
Weight management
Blood pressure management
Cholesterol management
Diabetes management

The leader in virtual care

With 20 years of experience and over 50 million patient visits completed, Teladoc Health has the experience and know-how to deliver modern care. Our providers work hard to help you get healthy and reach your goals.

By the numbers:

million patient visits completed
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of Teladoc Health members are satisfied with the care received across services**
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If you are scheduling an annual checkup, your fee will be waived in accordance with your benefits policy. Pricing and services vary depending on employer and health plans. Create your account to view your available Teladoc Health benefits.

*If you are scheduling an annual checkup, your fee will be waived in accordance with your benefits policy.

**Teladoc Health data