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For your physical health. For your mental health. For clinicians. For hospitals. For all of it in one place. For life.

A high-quality care experience—anywhere, anytime

It started with a simple yet revolutionary idea. That everyone should have access to the best healthcare anywhere in the world on their terms. That includes you.


Most recognized virtual care brand.*
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Maintain or improve their blood pressure.*
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People accessed care they wouldn't have otherwise.*
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50 Million

Virtual visits completed.*
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Founder of the first virtual care patient safety organization


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76% of people with depression feel better after their third visit with their therapist.*
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Mental Health
You’ll find us in more than 600 U.S. hospitals, too

You’ll find us in more than 600 U.S. hospitals, too

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This is whole-person care.

Program includes trends and support on your secure Livongo account and mobile app but does not include a phone, tablet or smartwatch.

*Teladoc Health internal data and reporting.