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General Medical

Jim P.

I’m a first-time user of Teladoc and am VERY impressed. I signed up in less than 5 minutes, then scheduled a visit. I was diagnosed and had a prescription sent within minutes! I had the visit in the privacy of my office. No downtime or PTO used.

General Medical

Misty N.

With five kids at home you can imagine the amount of time spent at doctors’ offices as they spread the flu to each other. I can set up an appointment and never leave home. This service is a lifesaver.



My doctor listened to what I had to say and gave me some peace of mind. I feel like she is already an advocate for my health and well being and her care team is so responsive!

Quick and seamless

“My Teladoc experience was absolutely seamless, quick, and effortless.” 
Joe C.
Specialists & Expert Opinion


I had no fear at all because of the advice I had received in my report and the expert surgeon who reviewed my case. [After surgery], I’m now 95% repaired. It was life-changing.

General Medical

John C.

I don’t like to take off from work to sit in a waiting room. With Teladoc, I went to work not feeling well and a doctor called, listened, and sent in my prescriptions.

Mental Health


Therapy was intimidating at first, but when you realize it’s just talking on the phone, it becomes easier.

Really easy

“It’s really easy, and you can call even while you’re on the golf course or on vacation.”
Pearce M.

Ken K.

My new primary care provider is excellent! I spent way more time with her than I ever did my other physicians. She listened and clearly discussed treatment options with me.

Mental Health


Teladoc has helped me begin to rebuild my life while letting go of the fear and anxieties that were holding me back.

Specialists & Expert Opinion

Linda B.

I am very grateful to Teladoc. I have lymphatic metastatic cancer. Your service gave me a sense of freedom that I had lost. I have admiration and respect for the Teladoc specialist because of his unique listening abilities and especially the questions he formulated to my treating oncologists.

Teladoc is a game-changer

“I can talk to a doctor anytime, 24/7 from anywhere, whether I’m at home or in the office.”
Laura W.
General Medical


All 3 dermatologist offices in my area are closed on Fridays, which is my day off. The nearest office was over an hour away...so I requested a visit online through Teladoc, uploaded my photos and info. In about 2 hours, I received a response and diagnosis from a doctor.

General Medical

Nikki N.

So nice to stay home and receive care instead of going to a doctor's office with other sick people. Warm and comfortable care at home, on my time!

Mental Health


I was experiencing anxiety and utter panic when I found out that I was pregnant with my third child and knew I needed help. I decided to give Teladoc a try on my lunch break, and have to say that I am feeling 100x better. I probably wouldn't have sought out help if it wasn’t for Teladoc.

Simple, quick, and efficient

“The first time I used Teladoc was terrific. It was simple, quick, and efficient.”
Eugene R.
Specialists & Expert Opinion

Kevin H.

Prompt, professional, attentive to my needs. I received a second opinion in an impossibly short time, giving me the confidence to continue with surgery. There is no way this could have been done face-to-face. Thank you to everyone involved.

General Medical

Jim P.

I would take my mental health appointments during my lunch break at work. It's been a huge help. I don't feel like it’s a hopeless struggle to make time for work and myself now.



The doctor that I chose was the very best! She made me feel as if I had known her already and showed tremendous concern and understanding for my care and treatment.

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