Transparency Reporting | Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health, which includes Teladoc Health, Inc., Teladoc Health Medical Group P.A. and Teladoc Physicians, P.C., and Teladoc subsidiaries and affiliates, believes transparency is an important part of our ongoing collaboration with the health care community, helping to build a community of trust and respect with healthcare professionals, patients, industry peers, stockholders and the public. Collaboration between the medical device industry and healthcare professionals does benefit patients, and Teladoc Health supports transparency reporting for the industry. The purpose of transparency reporting is to help the public better understand the nature and extent of industry and provider interactions.

Reporting for Teladoc Health’s U.S. Operations:

In the United States, Teladoc Health participates in transparency reporting through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Open Payments website. The CMS Open Payments program is a national disclosure program created by the Affordable Care Act that increases transparency into financial relationships between the health care industry (like medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies) and physicians or teaching hospitals. The Act requires applicable manufacturers to annually provide CMS with information about payments of value worth over ten dollars ($10) made to Covered Recipients and Teaching Hospitals.  Payments to Covered Recipients that are reportable under the Open Payments program include: royalties, consulting fees, medical education instructor fees, medical education lab services, research, grants, travel and meals. The Open Payments database doesn’t identify or distinguish between which financial relationships are beneficial or those that may cause or imply conflicts of interest. Instead, the program is designed to increase public awareness about these relationships and promotes transparency in the health care industry. To find data reported by Applicable Manufactures use the Open Payments Search Tool. For additional information about the Open Payments program, visit the CMS website.