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With our industry-leading virtual nursing care model—including mental health support for your nurses and staff—we're helping the nation's top hospitals and health systems flip the script on today's workforce challenges.

Key benefits

Deliver coordinated care

Virtual nurses collaborate closely with your bedside nurses, physicians, therapists and other staff.

Support your staff with admissions and discharges, patient education, medication reconciliation, coordinating procedures, care team signoffs and more.

Increase hours per patient day (HPPD) and reduce average length of stay (ALOS) through fewer unnecessary in-room visits and faster response times, while reducing travel and overtime costs.

Extend digital mental health support to your staff to help improve their well-being, satisfaction and retention.

Virtual nursing—a new era of quality care

Our virtual nursing solution is having a positive impact on some of the biggest challenges facing hospitals and health systems today.

Virtual nursing—a new era of quality care


Nursing shortages can’t stop Saint Luke’s Health System from delivering high-quality care

Virtual nursing FAQs

Virtual nursing for hospitals is the fastest-growing segment of virtual care and one of the top trends in overall care delivery. The Teladoc Health virtual nursing solution seamlessly integrates bedside nurses with nurses working remotely to create a better experience for nurses and patients alike.

Hospitals are reporting many positive benefits of virtual nursing, including:

  • Improved hours per patient day (HPPD) for nurses

  • Improved training and on-boarding effectiveness

  • Increased adherence to best practices

  • Improved efficiency via fewer unnecessary in-room visits, faster response to alerts and travel time to the patient room

  • Reduced length of stay and faster discharge process

  • Reduced costs for traveling, temporary nurses and overtime

  • Reduced transfers out/denials

Virtual nurses take responsibility for many of the patient communication and administrative tasks traditionally performed by bedside nurses. These include admissions and discharge activities, medication reconciliation, care plan updates, chart audits, patient and family education and much more.

No. Virtual nurses complement bedside nurses rather than replace them. By taking on many of the tasks that do not need a physical presence, virtual nurses can play a crucial role in addressing the nursing shortage and improving nurse job satisfaction and well-being. Virtual and bedside nurses access the same patient information, including a real-time view of patient bedside monitors.

Our virtual nursing solution uses unobstructive technology that blends seamlessly with the in-room experience. The in-room device connects directly to hospital TVs and can automatically switch from cable or other entertainment inputs when the caregiver connects. Featuring numerous privacy, collaboration and accessibility features, the setup is a high-touch experience that allows your staff to deliver more efficient care by meeting people where they are.

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