Whole-person care for all

Teladoc Health was founded on a simple yet revolutionary idea: that everyone should have access to the best healthcare anywhere in the world on their terms.

When care is connected, healthier is possible.

We're inspired by the progress and the possibilities of virtual care.

Working with leaders and experts around the world, we are creating a whole-person care model that exceeds today's expectations and anticipates whatever tomorrow will bring.

Creating a world where great healthcare is always within reach

  • Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, American Telemedicine Association 
  • Judd Hollander, MD, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Delivery Innovation
  • Jefferson Health, Monte Masten, MD, MBA, MPH, FACOG, Chief Medical Officer 
  • Marsh McLennan Agency 
  • Solome Tibebu, Founder & CEO, Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech
  • Erica Kraus, SVP, US Health Strategy Lead, RAPP
  • Moderator: Stephany Verstraete, Chief Marketing & Engagement Officer, Teladoc Health
Creating a world where great healthcare is always within reach

Beyond access: advancing health equity with virtual care

  • Ajay Gupta, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer 
  • Ambetter (Centene) 
  • Timothy Law, DO, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Highmark Health 
  • Mark D. Smith, MD, MBA, Teladoc Health board member and Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of California at San Franciso
  • Moderator: Dr. Vidya Raman-Tangella, Chief Medical Officer, Teladoc Health
Beyond access: advancing health equity with virtual care

How AI helps clinicians and consumers reach health goals

  • Ami B. Bhatt, MD, FACC, CIO of American College of Cardiologists, Host of #MedTechInsights podcast, and professor at Harvard Medical School
  • Morgann Carlon, Data/Analytics Leader, Deloitte
  • Steve Ramsay, Senior Leader, Microsoft Research Healthcare 
  • Pranav Rajpurkar, Assistant Professor of biomedical informatics, Harvard Medical School
  • Opeyemi Oluwole, SVP Consumer Engagement, Teladoc Health
  • Moderator: Yulun Wang, PhD, Fellow, Teladoc Health
How AI helps clinicians and consumers reach health goals

The ingredients of digital health: bringing it all together

Many favorite cooking competitions have a familiar task: turn a basket of disparate mystery ingredients into a culinary masterpiece in under 30 minutes. The chefs who win such contests achieve success through experience, innovation, and a passion for what they do. Addressing clients at the close of Forum 2023, Jason Gorevic, CEO of Teladoc Health, shared how success in healthcare requires a similar approach.

The ingredients of digital health: bringing it all together

Whole-person care is connected


Within a single, unified platform, the widest range of virtual care capabilities best supports people throughout their lifelong journeys to care for their health. Whole-person care addresses everyday health and well-being needs, as well as chronic conditions and acute concerns.


Data-driven personalization takes into account an individual's socioeconomic background, health and risk factors, and preferences to create a better care experience. By applying these insights, whole-person care ensures all individuals feel seen, heard and supported on their own healthcare journey.

High-quality care

Experienced clinicians, informed by evidence-based care practices and insights about social determinants of health, deliver the highest quality care. Whole-person care fosters health equity and supports the best health outcomes for all people everywhere.


By delivering the right care in the right setting, whole-person care seamlessly combines virtual and in-person care in a hybrid model. Information is exchanged, and clinicians are connected to create the best health outcomes for the patient and reduce the cost of care.

Our leadership

Our global team brings together visionaries in healthcare, technology, data science, clinical expertise, consumer behavior and more to transform the healthcare experience.


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